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Pass for mindreårige (informasjon på engelsk)

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17.01.2018 - Artikkel

Information on how to apply for a German passport for a minor under the age of 18.

General information

German citizens with residence in Norway may apply for a passport at the German Embassy in Oslo. Applications for passports can only be submitted in person by the parent/legal guardian at the Embassy responsible for you after making an appointment.. The minor needs to be present at the time of the appointment for the application. During the appointment, your finger prints will be taken. Please bear in mind that due to privacy protection, the German Embassy can only save the fingerprints for a brief period of time and will then delete them.
The passports are printed at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin. Please expect a processing time of about 4 to 6 weeks. If a Name Declaration is required (see information below), processing time can change considerably.

NB! Important information for FIRST TIME passport applications: In some cases, a name declaration needs to be made before the passport application. Please refer to our German pages for more information, as these pages are not yet available in English.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for the application:

• completed application form. Click here to download.
• Statement of consent of both parents. If one parent is absent, signature must be certified by a Notary Public (norw. Tingretten) or an Honorary Consul (page 2 of the application form)
• birth certificate of the minor
• a biometric recent passport photo (see sample photo in the right-hand column)
• for both parents and child: the Register Printout [norw. Utskrift av registrerte opplysninger] from the Norwegian National Registry.
Order the Register Printout by following this link.
• previous passport/child's passport (data page with photo)
• if applicable, deregistration of last place of residence in Germany („Abmeldebescheinigung”) of parents and minor
• passports of both parents.
• Passport fee, paid in NOK or with Visa / Mastercard in EUR.

Additionally, married parents will need to submit:

• parents' marriage certificate
• certificate of the name declaration of spouses
• if the parents do not have a common married name in accordance with German law, a certificate about the validity of a name declaration („Bescheinigung über die Namensführung”), issued by a German civil registration office, is required for the minor. More information on name declaration / German naming law.

Additionally, unmarried parents will need to submit:

• Proof of acknowledgement of paternity (from Norway: certified copy from Skatt Nord in Hammerfest) (more information in the right-hand column).
• Statement of Consent of the mother
• certificate about the validity of a name declaration („Bescheinigung über die Namensführung”), issued by a German civil registration office, or the German birth certificate, in case the minor does not have the surname of the mother.

Additionally, divorced parents will need to submit

• Legally binding divorce decree with information regarding custody


We kindly ask you to book your appointment only when the aforementioned documents are complete, thereby assisting us in reducing waiting time.
Please press here to receive information about our booking system and to book your appointment

Validity and processing time

The passport is valid for a period of six years, after which a new application is required (a prolongation is not possible)
The processing time for the passport application is about 4 - 6 weeks. This estimate will be prolonged if you need to submit a name declaration together with the passport application. The passport can only be issued after a certificate about the validity of name declaration is submitted to the Embassy by the responsible German civil registration office. The embassy has no influence as to the processing time of individual registration offices. For more information about German naming law on surnames, please refer to the link in the right-hand column.

Additional information

The new passport can be sent to you by registered mail (rekommandert post) if you do not wish to pick it up in person when it arrives at the Embassy. If this is the case, we ask that you bring an envelope prepared with 185 NOK in stamps and your home address. The envelope should not be larger than DIN B5 ((17,6 x 25 cm, max. 2 cm thin)

Information on registered mail from Posten Norge.

This information refers to the majority of the cases occurring here. Due to the complexity of the German passport and German ID law and the diversity of possible scenarios, differences may occur in each application, and additional documentation could be required as needed.

In proven cases of emergency, a temporary passport can be issued in conjunction with a simultaneous normal passport application. Please send us all required documents together with a proof of emergency (i.e. booking confirmation, doctor's note) in advance by E-Mail. The temporary passport can only be issued if the passport application is deemed to be complete. As soon as we can see that all required documents are prepared, we will do our best to accommodate you at the shortest possible convienience.

If you need documents or printouts from Germany, please refer directly to the public office in question. The public offices at your last place of residence in Germany will be responsible. Most public offices will allow you to order the documents from their website to be sent per mail to your adress in Norway. The Embassy cannot order documents for you.

In order to apply for Norwegian documents and printouts, please use the following link to the Norwegian public offices:

If you ever lived in Germany, we will need your deregistration / Abmeldebescheinigung. This applies even if you haven't lived in Germany for a considerable amount of time. The deregistration can be ordered from the public office from your last place of residence in Germany.

You won't need to profess a deregistration / Abmeldebestätigung if you have never been registered in Germany.

Please note that all documents which are not written in German, English or Norwegian will need to be accompanied by a translation from an authorized translator. Documents issued outside of Norway or another CIEC member state need to be accompanied by an Apostille / Certification. More Information on Apostille.


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